Academic Résumé

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2016-Now — Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Understanding tropical rainfall projections, as part of the project “Robust Spatial Projections of Real-World Climate Change”.
With Matthew Collins.
University of Exeter, Exeter, United Kingdom,
and in close collaboration with the Met Office Hadley Centre.

2012-2015 — PhD student
Links between El Niño events and the hydrological cycle of tropical regions in different climatic contexts.
With Pascale Braconnot and Olivier Marti.
LSCE - IPSL & Univ. Paris-Saclay, Saclay, France.


Before 2012 — Trainings and seasonal schools

   2012 — Summer school participant in climate change, innovation and entrepreneurship (5 weeks)
   Creating a business project related to climate change adaptation and mitigation.
   By the european EIT 'Climate-KIC'.
   Paris (UPMC), Zurich (ETH), Berlin (TU).

   2012 — Master trainee (4 months)
   Past changes in the interannual variability of the western Pacific hydrological cycle.
   With Pascale Braconnot.
   LSCE - IPSL & CNRS, Saclay, France.

   2011 — Master trainee (6 weeks)
   Evaluating the impact of the Niger river on the isotopic composition of the water vapor in Niamey.
   With Françoise Vimeux.
   LSCE - IPSL & CNRS, Saclay, France.

   2010 — Trainee (1 month)
   Impact of the ozone hole on the climate, especially in Antartica, from model output.
   With Francis Codron.
   LMD - IPSL, Paris, France.

   2010 —  Bachelor trainee (2 weeks)
   Testing an empirical law linking the main characteristics of dust discs to the mass of their central star.
   With Jean-François Lestrade.
   LERMA - Observatoire-de-Paris, Paris, France.


2015 — PhD: Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Physics
Univ. Paris-Saclay , LSCE - IPSL, Saclay, France.

2012 — Master of Science: Ocean, Atmosphere, 

Climate & Satellite Observations
Field: Atmospheric Environment & Climate Change
Univ. Pierre-et-Marie-Curie (Paris 6), Paris, France.

2010 — Bachelor of Science: Fundamental Physics
Univ. Pierre-et-Marie-Curie (Paris 6), Paris, France.